...the pristine sand flats of the Exumas provide what can only be described as a class destination for a Bonfishing vacation. It is not unusual to see schools of 300 Bonefish, it is rare during a days fishing not to see a fish of 10lbs+, of course it is up to the angler to catch one of these large fish, which on occasions can be very shy. Visit the booking page to find out about pricing.


  • Excellent all year round guided bonefishing

  • Excellent all year round guided bonefishing

  • Excellent all year round guided bonefishing.

  • Excellent all year round guided bonefishing

Bonefishing at the Cays

The Cays is ideally located for Bonefishing, being situated in an area that has been rarely fished or even visited. The adjacent Cays and Islands also extend some 15 miles Westward, and most have flats, both large and small in the near vicinity.

The fishing is tidal dependent, and when the water is high and clients cannot wade, our Guides will fish the numerous Creeks and Mangrove margins where Bonefish take up station during high tide periods. It is also not unusual to see a rolling Tarpon, so bring the Cockroaches and other Tarpon flies. Permit are also seen on occasions so a crab pattern or two would be a useful addition to the fly box.

Bonefishing packages at The Cays include, the convenience of our bar, grill and pool. We will ensure you are met at the airport. and shown the way to The Cays, where you will be met by the owners and if they are not fishing. the Guides, to discuss your impending fishing days.

Our Guides are very experienced, many with a 2nd or even 3rd generation family guiding history, and have extensive local knowledge, usually being able to find fish, even in the most difficult conditions. Guides will pick up clients at 8am each morning, usually leaving from the Dock at The Cays, but on occasions to travel to a different venue

Typical Bonefishing Package

Arrive Saturday PM - Anglers travel to The Cays by Taxi

Bonefish 6 days; two anglers per boat. Typical day 8am - 4pm subject to conditions - suggested guides' daily tip [$30 -50 ] is not included.

Each home has 3 or 4 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 persons.

As package is self catering, a shopping list can be sent and the kitchens provisioned prior to angler's arrival. There is a choice of local restaurants if clients wish to eat out in the evenings.

Packed lunches are included

Car included

Airport tranferes included

Depart Saturday Late AM.

Prices on Application.

A 20% advance deposit is required to confirm reservations. Balance payable 30 days prior to arrival

What to bring with you

Fly Rods
Hook Sharpener
Wading Shoes
Water Bottle
Fly Tyink Kit
Insect Repellent
First Aid Kit
Neck Screen
Airline Tickets
Drivers Licence
Contact Info